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An elegant and fully functional eCommerce site to showcase and sell your products or services online

A Hotel or Guesthouse web site with an online Booking Form for your guests

Hotel Booking Site
 From Hair Salons & Spas, to Dentists & Doctors offices, this web site will provide a clean and professional look for your business!What’s more, your clients will save you time by booking online !  

 Appointment booking web site
 A stylish website to sell your vehicles and promote your business

 A great Estate Agency web site  to showcase your properties

 A Driving School Site that will impress your clients and allow them to book online!

An ecommerce web site selling watercoolers to factories, offices and schools
 A  great web site to promote your business  Leaflet Distribution Web Site
An online store with many advanced features
 A large travel website offering information on safaris in East Africa  
 A portfolio site, incorporating both a gallery and a personal blog Life Coach Web Site
 Our  web hosting site at  
 A  site offering a Japanese translation service   
 A  web site to promote an electronics business
 Another Ecommerce web site, based on the Virtuemart Content Management System  
 A  football news site, updated daily  
 A  large Art archive that sells prints and reproductions online  


On average, 70% or more of visitors who add something to the cart will leave and never return.
Just by triggering a simple reminder email, perhaps offering a small discount, you can get a substantial number of orders back.
You can send any customer a pre-populated invoice that’s ready to checkout.
All they need to do is follow the link and they’ll land on the checkout page with the products you put together ready.
This is a great way to offer custom quotes and product bundles. Combine it with a robust product inquiry feature, and you can improve your customer service.
Allow customers to create their own designs on your products (eg t-shirts, phone cases, badges, cakes etc)
This gives you the ability to switch to a customer’s profile and fulfill an order for them on your website.
Useful in situations where you take orders over the phone and want to quickly key in the order without checking an existing customer out as a guest.
If you offer a lot of different products that ship from multiple places, using a few different carriers, then you know how complicated shipping can be.
This feature is a lifesaver when it comes to constructing a sensible, rule-based shipping setup for your store.
This powerful feature gives you everything you need to create a fully functional Amazon affiliate store on your own website.
You can import hundreds of products from Amazon to be featured, and allow users to checkout on your own site.
Add an enquiry form to every product
Do you have something for sale like glasses, with multiple frame styles, lens options, colours, and so on?
If you have a lot of variations, chances are you want to show the customer as accurate a picture of what they’re getting as possible.


We can integrate a lot of shipping methods into your store, and UPS is one of the most popular ones.
You can get real time rates, create custom shipping quotes, and more with this handy feature.
Encourages your customers to share your products on facebook, twitter and other social media
This enhances the search parameters to include all sorts of extra product information and delivers accurate results.
Importing products isn’t hard when you have only a few, but try adding a few hundred or more and it becomes a serious chore.
This feature lets you easily bulk import products to your store.
If you want to encourage people to sign up for your site, you might display some very tantalizing products but omit the pricing.
Once they sign up they can see the price. This is a great way to leverage curiosity if you use it right!
If you want to edit prices in your store, you can use this feature to make bulk price edits to multiple products from one screen in your admin.
Allow easy conversions between currencies. Very useful if you do a lot of overseas sales.
Using a CRM platform brings tons of adantages when it comes to understanding, managing, and catering to your customer base.
When shoppers are browsing product categories, they can only see small thumbnails of your products.
This feature lets them hover over those images, and see a larger preview, which helps improve their shopping experience.
This is a great loyalty rewards tool for your online store

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