An elegant, classy and fully functional eCommerce site for showcasing and selling your products or services online

Homepage Design

The homepage has a great slideshow, displaying both your featured products and important messages.  The structure of the page is designed to give maximum exposure to essential elements

Multiple Product Types

Sell physical and digital products in a single store. Don’t have products of your own? No problem. This website can handle dropship, affiliate products and even donations. And if you’re a consultant, you can charge for your services, too!



Enhanced Product Detail

Information about a specific product is on the detail page. Below the product details, are the related products, so that your customers can browse them directly and perhaps, buy more.

Product Attributes

We’ll add product images and set the product weight, colours, price, tax, and stock for 5 products. We can also set different prices for different sizes, colours, etc. Along with default store product settings, we can also add your own custom attribute.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We can set up the following payment options for your online store :PayPal, PayPal Pro, 2Checkout,, Google Checkout, WorldPay, bank transfer and Cash on Delivery as payment gateway options. Choose the gateway you prefer and we’ll configure it for you!



Manage Affiliates

Your store comes with an integrated affiliate system to reward people interested in helping you sell your products. Use it to track sales, set how long affiliate cookies last, set commission percentage, and generate sales reports.


Shipping Options

Your web site offers four different shipping options. Ship by flat rate, free, priced based or weight based. Product tax per state, country, or region is automatically calculated for total shipping cost. And, you can also add your own county, state, country, or region.


Search Engine Optimisation

It’s vital that your site ranks highly in the search engines so it will have integrated SEO features.User registrationUsers may register on your site to create their own user area where they can keep track of their order, manage their profile and download purchased digital products



Email Notifications

Email notifications keep everyone up to date. A confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer as soon as their prder is placed. You can also have emails sent when a payment has been approved or rejected, and/or when the entire order and payment process is successful.

Coupon Codes

We can create coupon codes based on a percentage or flat amount and use it in your promotion.

Manage Tax

You can specify percentage or flat rate of tax to apply on products. We can also set different tax for different locations if you wish.


You can have a fully fledged Blog on your site and links to your facebook and/or twitter page

Grid view / List view

Your products can be displayed in list or grid view, whichever you prefer.Bulk UploadIf you have many products, you can bulk upload your products through a CSV file.

Order Management

From the admin panel, you can manage your orders – approve, process or cancel / reject an order.

How To Add a New Product

The easiest way to add a new product is simply to copy a similar product by clicking the link “Copy to a new draft”.  This way, new products can be added in a few seconds
The easy way to upload products
  • To add a new product from scratch, in the administration panel, on the left side, click on Shopping Cart > Add Product
  • Enter the product title and description
  • Select product type, E.g. physical product, digital product, virtual product, donation product or affiliate product.

Publishing your products

Uploading Product Images:

  • Under Product Attributes, click on Product Images > Select Image to Upload
  • Select the file, upload it, and click Insert Into Post


Skip the “Digital Product” section as this is for digital products only. If your product is digital, then enter the URL for digital product in the field provided.


Product Price Settings:

  • Price: Normal price of the product
  • Last Day of Your Special Product: If your product is a special/sale product, then enter last date of its “special price”.
  • Special Price: Special price can also be sale price or discounted price.



Product Code, Weight and Tax settings:

  • Product Model: The product model or code
  • Size Chart: The size chart of the product. It can be normal text or HTML or Image
  • Weight: Enter products weight here. If in shipping method, you have selected as “Weight based shipping”, then don’t forget to enter the products weight
  • Is Taxable: Select the checkbox if the product is taxable.
  • Select Taxes: Select which tax system should apply to this product.
  • Select for Free Shipping: Select this checkbox to apply free shipping for this product


Product Attribute Settings:

Additional product attributes like brand, type, size, colour, etc can also be inserted.

Insert as many products attribute as you like.

  • Attribute 1 Title: Title of the attribute, e.g. Brand
  • Attribute 1 value: e.g. Adidas
  • Attribute 1 Price: e.g. +100 (if the user selects Adidas, then his price will be added by 100)

Stock Settings:

  • Apply Stock Management: Select this checkbox to apply stock management for this product
  • Opening stock: Opening stock of product. Set stock at 0 if the product is out of stock or leave the textbox as blank if you want to show the stock as unlimited
  • Low Stock Notification: Enter the low stock quantity here, if you(as admin) want to get notified. E.g. When there are only 5 products left and you want to get notification about it, then enter 5 here.
  • Show Available Stock on Your Store: Select this if you want to show the available stock to your visitors



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