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The Appointment Booking  Manager is an easy-to-use tool to create and administer appointment requests for one or multiple calendars.

Among its features are:

  • Unlimited calendars with independent configuration


  • Selectable days of the week for appointments, including weekends


  • Use any email address for optional appointment notifications


  • Optionally assign existing users as Calendar owners


  • Configurable start and end times for daily schedules


  • Variable appointment durations in 5 minute increments


  • Display full daily schedules or just “busy hours” for easier management


  • Display one or more calendar profiles in the front page or as a menu option with optional link for their own booking form


  • Unlimited appointments per calendar


  • Calendar displays what day and time slots are available, partially booked or fully booked at any given time.  You can use four different views of appointment information: by Day, by Week, by Month or List mode and create new appointments at any time


  • Selectable filters on each view make the management of appointments easier


  • Appointment Subject and up to 10 custom fields available to register booking information


  • Enable or cancel appointments with automatic notification emails sent to both calendar owner and appointment author


  • Export any calendar in iCalendar format for compatibility with Google Calendar, Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Calendar, Thunderbird and dozens more!


  • Export any calendar in CSV format and load it on any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice


Please note, when booking an appointment, the client will not know the length of time for their appointment.  They can of course, book a particular service.

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